. . well, we didn’t actually see the cardiologist yesterday. We had a nice long visit with his nurse and his PA. And to tell you the truth, I think they know about as much as he does –but don’t tell him I said so. They can “practice” medicine too.

But the PA said . . . tell you the truth, I’m not just sure what she said either. She was concerned that Harriet’s blood pressure is too low and there doesn’t seem to be anything that we are doing that is remedying it. We talked about what we have done, what the Nephrologist has done and what the team at the dialysis clinic has done. None of which seems to have made any difference. So Cathy (PA) recommended some changes in the dosage of some meds and an adjustment as to when Harriet takes them.

And the typical doctor’s parting instruction were “Let’s try that and see if it works”. I’ve always wanted to respond “Here’s my check. See if it works!” Now that would be some serious ‘health care reform’!