Brunch with a HERO

Harriet and I had Sunday brunch with a hero. Not one of those plastic ‘action heroes’ we’ve been sharing time with, courtesy of our GRANDsons. No, sir! This was a real, live, flesh and blood hero who ate pancakes with butter and syrup. But couldn’t finish the whole thing, probably unaccustomed to such a big portion of rich food.

Ours was a war weary hero, fresh from the front lines. Still trying to get over jet-lag. Still trying to get adjusted to the climate. Still sitting wrapped in a blanket when home, hoping to get the body’s thermostat in sync with the family who enjoys air conditioning. I guess there was no air-conditioning on the battlefield. Just two years of the never ending blazing, arid heat of the Middle East day and night.

I’m certain that if our Pastor had introduced a combat veteran in the service on this Lord’s Day, fully attired in dress uniform with shining insignia and polished medals of service on display, there would have been a standing ovation and we would probably have stood to sing “God Bless America”!

But our hero did not wear a uniform to church. Never was issued any uniform. No body armor nor fancy firearms. But our hero has been on hazardous duty, serving on the front lines –no actually it was behind the lines.

And Pastor Mike had been strictly warned not to bring any attention to this quiet, shy soldier of the Cross. And I bet you would not have been able to pick out the hero sitting among us even when he welcomed his family who were visiting from Georgia.

But there she was. Sitting between her big brother and her little sister. Probably not what you were expecting me to tell you about. But Angela has been there serving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Home now, for just a while to get more training before returning to the mission field.

What an honor for Harriet and I to have a meal with Angela. She’s one of our heroes. She would probably be yours too, if you could get to know her.

And she’ll come back to see us once she is rested and readjusted to the climate and the culture. But she probably won’t get adjusted to folks recognizing her as a hero. Angela still sees herself as just a simple and sincere servant of her Lord.

4 thoughts on “Brunch with a HERO

  1. WOW! What a great article about a great girl. I have watched Angela grow up and become an awesome soldier for our Lord. She has done what so many of us are not willing to do. I am not referring to serving as a foreign missionary – no – much more basic than that. She heard her master’s voice and then she obeyed. Most of us are not called to such drastic measures as Angela, but we are called to make a difference where we are. Yet, we either dismiss the voice, or we simply do not obey. Angela heard and Angela obeyed. Yes, you are right, she IS a hero. She is an inspiration. I am proud to call her a friend!

    Shelly Berryhill

    • How true, Shelly. ONe thing that makes gals like Angela on my ‘hero’ list is that she would be nervous if we called her that in person. True humility “takes praise without pride and criticism without resentment”… so I don’t think we risk making her proud.
      Here’s another quote I like “There is no honor in being a missionary – only in being obedient”. God help us to follow Angela’s example.

  2. Angela is truly a hero, but one that would never want to be recognized as such. Angela was in my youth choir for two years and her servant attitude has always amazed me. I am also thankful to know her and her family. They are great friends. Her family should also be recognized, but I know they would not want any part of it. They gave her up to God when many families would have fought to hold on. Thank you Lord for the example of this family.

  3. Mr. Gordy, thank you for taking the time to recognize Angela and her obedience. She is truly a remarkable lady and a hero. Her family isn’t bad either, lol. The Hamsley Family is honored to call Angela and her family our friends. God Bless you and your family.

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