Dog Days and Poor Prophets!

I don’t know where ole’ Sirius, the Dog Star is these day but he sure has his aggravating fangs in us.  Old timers says they are “the hottest, most sultry days of summer.”  I am not sure what to think about ‘global warming’ but I will most definitely be glad when this dog is dead and gone!

In spite of the insufferable heat and humidity, Harriet and I are rejoicing in our Lord these days.  God has been so good to us.  It will be 8 years since Harriet’s heart attack this month. You may remember that the doctors then told us she would not live to get out of the hospital… great doctors but poor prophets!  Check it out on the “How’s Harriet” page.

We had such an encouraging visit with friends from Gatlinburg yesterday.  Bryon and Lori serve as minister to youth in First Baptist church there.  We always look forward to fellowship with them when we are there and when they have family vacation here on the beach.  Can’t believe how much Abby and Wes have grown since we saw them last.  Such a precious family!