Ever seen a fat, 70 year old Tarzan wannabe?

GRANDkids are well named -they are GRAND KIDS. Harriet and I have had the blessed privilege of having all 6 of our GRANDkids this summer and even our 2 foster GRANDkids!

Jacob, Matthew and I found a neat swimming hole up the creek that we thought we’d keep a secret. But somehow it leaked out and now all of the GRANDs claim it and eagerly look forward to at least one trip up there while they are here. And since the kids all came at different times, we just had to go several times.

Well, old Papa tried every hint and suggestion I could to get them to dare me to go off the rope swing… that thing just hung there and begged me to try it. But, of course the kids knew that if the fall didn’t kill the old curmudgeon the cold water would cause an instant heart attack. So how could I get in?

Finally found a solution. Jenna wasn’t sure about it so I told her “I’ll go in right after you!” At the risk of being the one who caused her Papa’s death, she grabbed that rope and took off!

Julieann missed it with the video the first time so I had to do it again J You can see the evidence on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHsaxXJ5rWY

Do I have to wait for GRANDkids to be here or do you think Harriet will take me back to Holmes Creek?

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