GREAT 4th of July – GREATER 5th!

July 4th – We had a great time celebrating the independence of our beloved nation.  Both sisters, daughter Kristie and her family, niece Kara and a friend of hers enjoyed the best barbeque chicken I’ve ever had -and I’ve tried plenty.  Son-in-law Franz prepared and cooked them and they were ‘larapin’ -which is a whole notch better than delicious!  As Ron Hudson would say “they’d make you lips go flippity flop!”

July 5th – Daughter-in-law Wendy just called to say that they are at the Portland, OR airport where she and Nathaniel are getting ready to board a flight to Florida!  It is Nathaniel’s 7th birthday and they are going to spend a week with us.  They’ll leave Michael at home to feed the dog and cut the grass.  Needless to say, Harriet and I are ecstatic about having all 3 of our GRANDsons here tonight!

BUT FIRST- I will have the blessed privilege of preaching God’s Wonderful Word in the Kingswood Baptist Church in Southport.  Harriet and I fell in love with that congregation when we were there in January.  Will miss Pastor Morris and Sue Denman.  They are precious saints and good friends!


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  1. wow i wish i could have some i had know idea it was his 7th birthday tell him i said happy birthday
    i wish i could be there soooo bad do you know when im coming up there? and that sounds exciting, preaching you should come preach at our church

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