Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. . .

We used to joke about the rigid rule of flexibility.  Now that rule seems to be even more stiff and unbending than ever.

We were planning to sneak away from the oppressive heat of the beach for a few days in the mountains. Had reservations made and our bags packed.  But Harriet proved to be a bit too rigid and unbendable. Instead of ‘rolling with the flow’ she suffered a hard landing and bruised her landing gear pretty badly 😦

She apparently fainted in the bathroom and took a bad fall on a solid and unbending floor Wednesday night. When I got to her, she had a bad scrape and bruise on her hip and her left forearm was bleeding. We just praise the Lord that there were no broken bones. She has been a mighty sore lady!

We went to another specialist to get the infection in her ear checked yesterday. He gave us a prescription for antibiotic drops (she had been on an antibiotic IV for 5 doses). He said it was looking better and 10 more days of the drops in her ear should clear it up completely.

One thought on “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. . .

  1. papa,
    i hope shes doing better i just told my mom and she called mymama to see how she was doing. me and jenna just prayed after we finished reading this call me to tell me how shes doing.
    i love u
    P.S. i (jenna) found my selfphone so beep me on it.

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