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Did you know that Satan is a liar?!?!

One of the big lies that he told me when we stepped out of the blessed ministry and sweet security of our church to serve as foreign missionaries was that we would never enjoy the privileged fellowship of our loving family. And indeed, some of the most lonesome days were in a jungle somewhere surrounded by tribal people and missionaries while the Gordy clan gathered at a family reunion in Georgia; or

in a busy city hurrying between meetings in Singapore while my cousins were gathering to burry a favorite aunt or uncle in Columbus; or

surrounded by crowds of God’s greatest young folks, helping prepare them for a SUMMIT trip and Harriet and I ‘celebrating’ our anniversary 9,000 miles apart…

BUT GOD has certainly repaid us with blessings beyond measure in spite of these minor ‘sacrifices’. Pictured here is Harriet in our living room surrounded by 22 or more (who could tell?) cousins, nieces, nephews, grandsons, sister and daughter celebrating GRANDson Matthew’s 9th birthday on May 22! What a privilege for us!

Another of those lies Satan told me was that I did not have enough faith to go with a mission board that did not pay salaries or expenses or anything else. He was almost right in that one – I didn’t have enough faith but God’s supply is not limited to how MUCH faith we have or do not have. The issue is: WHO do I trust! And as we trusted our Lord, in spite of my little faith He has cared for us over and above all that we could have imagined.

Another of his lies was that no one would ever support us. No church or individual would take their precious little resources and share them with us. But again, God has shown Himself faithful and laid on the hearts of so many of His people over the years to supply our every need!  How can we but praise and thank HIM!

2 thoughts on “BUT GOD…!

  1. But God, what else is there? The Great “I AM” is all we need to keep us going. He is faithful beyond words. As I read your brief story, I knew that God had also taken us through all the lonely times, and blessed us far beyond words.
    Seeing a Pume when the lights went on and when they realized that Jesus paid the price for them. wow can’t explain that feeling.
    Oh sure we missed family and we missed birthdays and we missed funerals but What we didn’t miss was the joy of the Lord flooding our hearts and lives as we bonded with our dear indian friends and became brothers and sisters in Chirst. Praise God we will spend eternity together rejoicing.

  2. I am glad you ran around meetings in Singapore. May God continue to bless you and your loved ones for the sacrifices. God bless. Cheers

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