Tuesday morning update

Lindsay was unresponsive all day Monday but there was no fever.  They were able to get the PIC line inserted in her upper arm and to do a brain wave test but when they took her for an MRI she was too restless and agitated. 

I called the nurse in ICU this AM and was told that Lindsay was awake and answering questions.  No fever thru the night. 

May not be much but it is the 1st encouraging report we’ve had so far.  They have rescheduled the MRI for today.

We have been disappointed that the lab report of the spinal tap they did on her Friday night have not come back from the lab yet.  Until they get those, they do not know just what strain of meningitis it is.

Her son is attempting to get a ‘stand by’ seat from Germany today.  Pray that he’ll be on one of them!