SATURDAY MORNING -Please pray for my sister Lindsay who is in the ICU suffering from Bacterial Meningitis.  She was diagnosed and admitted last night and is now listed as “critical but stable” condition.  Our younger sister, Lila, has come and will stay with us to help care for her.   We will have more information available as soon as the lab test come in. 

Harriet, Lila and I have all been given the precautionary medication to hopefully immunize us from contamination.  We do covet your prayers.

SATURDAY NIGHT  – After they got Lindsay into the ICU she has still not responded too well to the medications.  Our daughter Julieann and I were with her until the close of visiting hours at 10 PM and did not leave very encouraged.  Her temperature had jumped up to 105.6. They had put her on a blanket of refrigerated water with a fan blowing on her.She’s a sick lady and medical judgment seems to be that she’s barely got a 50/50 chance of survival…That’s this layman’s understanding of medical folk gobbledy-talk.

We await the Great Physician’s decision! Doctors here can’t tell us much of anything else for sure until they determine what “breed” of meningitis this is. Those tests won’t be back until Monday.

Julie and I prayed with Lindsay before we left and just told our Lord again how much we love my sister and how much we love Him. We affirmed again to the Lord that we trust Him to do what is best and we are confident that He loves Lindsay even more than any of us.

SUNDAY MORNING –  Lindsay seems to have had a better night and even slept.some.  Her temperature is back down to normal and she was responsive – knew her name and where she is. They are hopeful that they can do an MRI since she is settled down better.