Wonderful Grace of God

April 18'09

It is hard to realize that about a month ago we were seriously considering appealing to Hospice for help for Harriet!  This weekend she felt so good that she spent most of Saturday in the kitchen preparing for the pot luck brunch at our church.  She fixed a delicious quiche, a pan of biscuits and a basket of muffins.  And those of you who are privileged to know first hand tasting, Harriet is a notoriously great cook. 

Pot luck brunch was in celebration of the 3rd anniversary of our Chapel at the Beach.  We love the fellowship of our little church and rejoice in the teaching/preaching of our pastor.  And we praise God that 42% of our budget is given to MISSIONS!  We have not quite arrived at our goal of 50% but we are getting there.  When our budget is met 100% of additional funds will be spent on MISSIONS! 

Check it out at Chapel at Rosemary Beach.