Well, it isn’t h—- season yet (I hate to use that “H” word) but with the severe tornado and storm warnings today, I guess it may turn out to be a run up to the H season  😦 That’s a big FROWNY face!

I’ve just gotten our generator fueled and test run, batteries in the weather radio, checked batteries in all the flashlights and all that I know to do. 

Just had alert on the weather radio with warning that a tornado has been detected 26 miles south of us out in the Gulf of Mexico.  Praying it will blow itself out before it hits the coast! 

No “unspoken prayer request” here!!!!


Looks like we can hold up on the ark construction –for the time being. Our worst seems to have passed us without any damage. LOTS of water, haven’t checked my rain gage today but we had accumulated over 9” before daylight today. Fortunately I’ve heard of no actual tornadoes making it ashore, they all fell apart when they hit land – THANK YOU, LORD!

We have postponed Harriet’s dermatologist appointment until next week.