Harriet and I are always overwhelmed with the response we get when we send our our “P. S.” appeals to prayer.  So many folks join us in prayer for these specific needs and we are most thankful.  Some of you even pass them on to others and we get notes from folks who are praying for us -folks that we do not even know.

And we are always overwhelmed with the gracious way our Lord answers prayer!  Not surprised but overwhelmed.  Our God is so GOOD!

Harriet had a better time with dialysis on Friday in spite of the fact that she had to sit for almost 5 hours.  The treatment was effective and not nearly as painful.  She had a very difficult time in the afternoon but by midnight, she was relatively pain free and able to rest.  We had a good restful weekend – GREAT service on the Lord’s Day with fellowship with our Lord’s people and a good message by our pastor.

Dialysis today went better.  Her blood pressure seems to be getting more stable.

THANK YOU for praying!