It’s one annual tradition that I always look forward to. I’ve just finished reading again the Christmas cards and letters that came last month.

Harriet and I always enjoy and appreciate getting them and we read them as they come in. Then we put them “on display” in one of those Christmassy looking fold up holders that Harriet has saved and used for years. It is a regular part of our Christmas decorations. And this habit of saving all of them as well as the many year-end newsletters is also an annual tradition.

So in case you were wondering, yes, we got your letter, and yes, we did read it. We read it twice actually, and yes we did enjoy hearing from so many of our friends. There was good news of new babies and GRANDbabies and even some great-GRANDbabies; new sons and daughters-in-law; recaps of fun vacations and reports of garden yields; some exciting tales of successful hunting trips (Lynell shot a big bull elk this year from the same rock that that Dan and Jeff did for the two previous years- but Midge failed to mention just where that rock is!) There were lots of health updates (Jack will have hip replacement in February and Paul’s Mom at 93 is still active). There were ministry updates; Dave and Sally have transferred from Papua New Guinea to Canada and Jason and Shelly had the privilege of being involved with orientating 148 new missionaries in PIONEERS.

There were several reports of bitter-sweet times of loosing loved ones. Bitter in loosing their physical presence but sweet to know they are now with our Lord and not really “lost”.

I could go on but most of you do not know each other. Just let me tell you that it has been a good morning! Almost like visiting with old and dear friends.


But not nearly as great as if we could sit down together with a fresh brewed cup of black Starbucks and a piece of that Pineapple Upside-down cake that Harriet made yesterday!