From my earliest memories, the date of January 19 has been a day honored and recognized as the birthday of a great American,

General Robert E. Lee


In fact, when Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Georgia, his birthday was already a state holiday.  202 years since Lee was born, the  date is again recognized and celebrated as, not just a state holiday but a legal national holiday.  And the memory of the great general is ignored and ignored.  In fact, the man himself is maligned and ridiculed. 

I have tried to draw attention to this hero of mine each year at this time.  And this year I want to do so by asking that you please go to this site and read one of the finest memorials available.  But do not look for this in the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, the Montgomery Advertiser nor the Richmond Times Dispatch.  Instead you will have to got to Toronto, Canada.  Yes, the CANADA Free Press!

I encourage you to go there and read it.