Santa offered this good girl anything she wanted!

Santa's favorite 

It seems like a wild rush around here from Thanksgiving ‘til — well, about now.  Hope we can settle back down into a dull, boring routine again for a few days at least.

But let me be quick to say it was the very BEST season we’ve ever experienced!  Both of our girls and all theirs were here for the Thanksgiving weekend with my sisters and favorite cousin.  Then (son) Michael, Wendy and Nathaniel flew into Orlando and stayed a few days.  When they went to spend Saturday with our girls, Harriet and I couldn’t stand it so we drove down and surprised them by crashing their party.  Then had M, W & N come here and spent 2 weeks.  As soon as they left Harriet had her arm surgery and it has gone great!  Looks better than she ever has following any surgery. 

God is GOOD!  And a bonus to all this was that I got to preach several times in a couple of good churches!