P. S. = Please Say. . .

Harriet said “the next time you update our blog, please say thank you to all the folks who have been praying for us:”  And we do want you to know that we do not take it for granted that so many folks pray for us and that God has answered and is answering  and will continue to answer the prayers of His people. Thank you for praying!

The surgeon looked at the infection in her arm on Wednesday and said “I’m going to take that out of there!”  There is a piece of the old access about 4 or 5 inches long that continues to get infected.  Apparently her tendency to infections which use to break out in the boils have found another way torment her.  She is on strong antibiotics now and Dr. Morris said that IF (all caps, big letters, big IF) we can keep the infection under control, he will put off the surgery until after Christmas.  But he sure did not give us much encouragement. 

Harriet pleaded with him “I sure do not want to be in the hospital while our GRANDson and his parents are here from Oregon!”  Dr. Morris looked at her pretty seriously and said “I understand.  But your HEAL TH is more important to us at this point!” Her arm is giving her lots of pain and discomfort.

So there you have some pretty specific information to be Praying Seriously with us and for us.