Back from outer (cyber) space!

That’s what it feels like when I’ve been in a ‘black hole’ as far as Internet access was concerned.  We had wall-to-wall GRANDkids here since Tuesday before Thanksgiving and my place in line to get to the computer was somewhere between “not yet, Papa” and “just let me finish this game, Papa”.  But having 5 of our 6 GRANDyoung’uns here was worth it!  Needless to say we had a wonderful THANKSGIVING.

Harriet has appointment with the surgeon tomorrow and they will be making a decision regarding whether to remove the old access line that continues to get infected.  The nephrologist and the nurses at our dialysis clinic.think it is going to have to go.  We’d like to hold off until after the new year but will see what Dr. Morris says tomorrow.  We would appreciate your prayer for wisdom for his decision.