A Woman’s Age

Pastor Mike graciously asked me to preach in our Chapel at the Beach this Lord’s Day.   He is joining his family in Georgia to celebrate his Mother’s 81st birthday.  He said that they did not do much celebrating last year on her 80th and have been reminded about that – so they decided they better try to make it up to her this year.

Have you ever noticed how women view birthday’s?  Before they get to be about 80 years old they are afraid someone will know how old they are – BUT- once they hit that magic number 80, they are afraid no one will know!?!?

We are told the age of many of the men in the Old Testament and some in the New Testament.  BUT, only two women in the Bible whose age is revealed.  And they didn’t tell it, God did.  But He didn’t tell until they were past 80.  I’m sure you know who they were ?

Mike has been preaching a series from the little epistle of First John on the subject: “You might be a Christian if…”  He asked me to preach on the last chapter.  I hope you’ll pray for us.