“Are you familiar with our menu?”

the young lady at the reception desk of the Smith House asked.
“How old are you, little lady?” I asked her in return. She said she was 24 years old.

“Well, I ate here 22 years before you were born,” I informed her.

The truth is, we college boys came over to Dahlonega from Cleveland to eat when we could scrape together enough money for gas and the meal. The dining hall at the Smith House was family style, all you could eat and some of the best cooking a college boy could get away from home. And we DID get our money’s worth when we ate!

It was one place I wanted to take my bride on our honeymoon. So Harriet and I stopped there back in 1962 and we have been back occasionally. We did not eat there today but we did enjoy an ice cream cone up on the town square!

And we promised ourselves that next time we will get to Dahlonega in time to see if the food is as good as always.