What did I say?

Well, so much for bragging on my good health.  The dermatologist started me on a treatment for skin cancer.  She said there were so many spots on my bald head that she would never be able to cut or freeze all of them off.  She prescribed a cream called EFUDEX which will kill all the pre-cancerous cells.  I applied this to my entire bald head, forehead, ears and “racoon mask” around my eyes and cheeks.  So my whole head from my beard up looks like a scab crusted, oozing, hurting burn wound.  And feels worse than I could ever describe.  I’ve been unable to lay my head on a pillow so I sleep sitting up.

Needless to say, I’ve neglected my email and this blog.  Harriet and the doctor assure me that it will all be over in a week or so.  IF I survive.

Another fringe benefit of living in the Sunshine State 😦