Been in Florida too long when . . .

Our pastor is in a series from the book of I John entitled “You know you’re a Christian if . . .”  He started off with a list of “You might be a Redneck if. . . ”  He then added “You might be a Baptist if. . . ”   It reminded me of other lists I’ve seen…and got me to thinking. 

I should compile a list of my own “You know you have been in Florida TOO LONG if. . . ”

#1 on my list will be “You wake up in the morning and 72 degrees feels like a cool fall day!”

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate hot weather.  And this year has been the most HATEFUL summer I’ve ever lived!  I have had more than enough of this sizzling summer.  These last few days have been wonderful and weather guessers seem to think it may last a few more!

Thank you, Lord!