Encouraging Reports

Harriet and I had a great time at home. . .  Victory Baptist Church in Millbrook, AL where we served as pastor for almost 6 year before heading for the mission field.  The sweet fellowship of the church is as warm and wonderful as ever.  The vision for the world is ever expanding and the support for God’s servants from the banks of Robinson Springs to the uttermost parts of the earth is encouraging!

We got the results this morning from the blood tests run on Harriet last Friday.  NEGATIVE!  Which means that there is no infection in her blood.  This was so encouraging for the “poster girl for infection” as her surgeon calls her.

Dr. Morris looked at her arm this afternoon and was more than a little surprised!  He said “D—, that looks good!”  I told him I was going to quote him to the many folks who have been praying for him and for Harriet.  Promised him that might prompt you to pray more 🙂 He said we can wait 6 more weeks to come back to him and can continue to use this graft!