Surgeon’s Report

We just got back from the surgeon.  Harriet had fever all night last night and there was more puss and infection in the old incision this morning.  At dialysis, the nurses really didn’t give us any hope, just bandaged it up and sent us on to the dr.  On the way to town Harriet was praying “OK, Lord, it is just about too late for you to do anything more with this arm.  Just give us the courage and grace to keep on”.

When we got in his office and took the bandage off, the thing had ruptured and all the puss had drained out and it really looked better.  The doctor said “well, we aren’t loosing any ground” -whatever that means.  He is going to order a blood culture on her for Friday and we’ll go back to see him on Tuesday.  He said that if the same infection is still there, “we’ll know that we’ve lost it.  You can’t live on those strong antibiotics the rest of your life.”  So we’ll wait -again.   He’s been mighty reluctant to give up and start cutting again.  Harriet and I are mighty thankful (and a little surprised) that a surgeon isn’t anxious to start cutting 🙂 But, as Julieann  said, “he has certainly done everything he could -and still is- to keep from cutting again.”  We thank our Lord for that.

We are planning to drive up to Millbrook on Saturday and I’ll teach an adult SS class and preach in the AM service.  Then we’ll drive back home after the eatin’ meetin’.  We could probably get dialysis there on Monday but just don’t want to risk a strange clinic until after we get over this ‘episode’.

Thank you for Praying!