HIS and HERS – Himmicane and Herricane – Gustav and Hanna

Hurricanes to the west of us, hurricanes to the east of us! Seems we are between the two latest threats and we thank our Lord for sparing us. Sorry for those folks over toward Louisiana but it looks like they learned their lesson from Katrina and have vacated the target area this time.

We are enjoying this Labor Day weekend- had a great service with our Lord’s folks at the Chapel, including a stirring report from Nancy Alcorn of Mercy Ministries and a challenging message from God’s Word by Pastor Scott, followed by a baptism in the Gulf of Mexico!

We continue to await the surgeon’s verdict on Harriet’s arm. He looked at it on Wednesday and said “we’ll give it one more week”. And the rest of the medics (nurses and PA at our dialysis clinic) are about evenly divided on whether it will be useable or we will have to replace it. We are ready, either way our Lord determines to take us. It’s still HIS call.

We are scheduled to be in the missionary conference in our home church this weekend, Victory Baptist Church in Millbrook, AL. We are PRAYING that Harriet’s arm will allow that blessed privilege. Will let you know more about it this week but for the time being, just Pray Specifically that we will be able to go.