Cheerleader / Coach

I doubt that Harriet will get a good night’s rest until these Olympic Games are finished. She takes her responsibility of serving as the coach for the USA teams very seriously. Which team? Every one of them in every sport! Don’t guess she burned quite as many calories as Michael Phelps did in his races but she put out almost as much energy!

Did you hear her holler when the gals won the beach volleyball? No, you were probably in bed by then, like sensible folks. It certainly would be nice if next time they would schedule the games within a time zone that would not keep her up so late!

Her arm still keeps us in the yo-yo league. It looks OK one day and worse the next. There seems to be infection still there and the nurses at dialysis are pretty convinced that we are going to loose that graft after all. Have appointment with the surgeon next week but nurses say we’ll probably have to call him and go in sooner. We are just taking it one day at a time. So thankful we have an anchor for the soul.