Pray Seriously – Preaching Sunday

Harriet’s arm continues to cause her pain but not as severely as it has. There is still redness and a bit of fever indicating that the infection continues to hang on –in spite of the 2 different, strong antibiotics. Please continue to pray seriously that our Lord will kill that infection and save this new graft -or- if He has other and better plans, to give us the grace and strength to accept it and trust on thru.

I will be preaching Sunday in the Chapel at Rosemary Beach. My heart’s desire is to proclaim God’s Wonderful Word clearly and forcefully and to communicate the challenge of reaching those tribes and languages which do not yet have that great Word.

If there are heathen in Rosemary Beach by choice and with a choice, that’s their business. BUT if there are heathen anywhere in the world without a choice THAT’S OUR BUSINESS! By God’s grace and for His sake, lets do all we can to give them the privilege to hear of His love!