Postponing the Inevitable

Harriet has hurt all weekend and has run a fever, off and on, since we saw the surgeon last week. Her arm is still swollen and the redness and fever indicate that the MRSA is still hanging on. The doctor at dialysis doubled the dose of her antibiotic (vancomycin) this morning. Wikipedia says that “vancomycin has traditionally been reserved as a drug of last resort, used only after treatment with other antibiotics had failed”.

When Dr. Morris looked at Harriet’s arm, he said “I’m afraid we are just postponing the inevitable. We are going to loose this new graft.” He feels that he is going to have to remove the old graft and start over with a new one in her upper arm. BUT he is going to postpone it and give the increased dose of vancomycin a chance to work. He will make a decision on Wednesday.

Harriet and I are convinced that this just gives our Lord the chance to kill this infection and salvage the new graft. And whether He chooses to use this super antibiotic and our physician’s skill, we will give our Lord the credit and glorify HIM for the outcome.

I had a great time preaching both the morning and evening services at the Cornerstone Baptist Church. Our Lord ministered to my own heart from Daniel 3 so I just passed it along to the congregation. Check it out – the first three words in verse 18!