Surgeon’s gloomy report

We went back to the surgeon today and he said that Harriet is “the poster child for MRSA”. That’s the deadly infection that she continues to struggle with and Dr. Morris says is once again in her arm. He said it is in new graft. “I’m not going to give up on it yet. But I’m afraid we are going to loose that new graft.” He examined her upper arm, just in case he has to put a new one there. He said we should give these strong antibiotics the rest of this weekend to stop the infection but he’s not very optimistic. We will go back to him on Monday.

Harriet has been in constant, sometimes almost unbearable pain for nearly three weeks. Dr. Morris did give her another, stronger pain medication and she is sleeping now.

PLEASE PRAY that the medications will stop the spread of the infection and my sweetheart will not have to endure the long battle of having to have an entirely new graft implanted in her upper right arm.

I’ll be preaching in a church here on the beach this Lord’s Day. I’d appreciate if you would thank our Lord with me for continued opportunities to minister His wonderful Word. Pray that I’ll be a blessing to God’s people there.