Staples “removed” . . .

If Harriet were writing this she would probably say “the aggravating staples were painfully yanked out by the roots, causing substantial damage to the surgeon’s standing as a decent human being!” But of course, my gracious and tender-hearted sweetheart would never have said that out loud. But she would not disagree with me saying it – just tell me I shouldn’t tell anyone that.

She’s still faking it. . . pretending that everything is endurable and things are going to get better. But if you look at her arm, you’d wonder. There is still a good bit of redness indicating that it is not healing as it should. She is running a low grade fever and the pain is almost intolerable. This is the third week of non-stop pain in her arm and it could really wear down a lesser trooper.

Besides grieving for my sweetheart, I stand amazed at her spirit and attitude. Dear God, what an amazing woman you have given me. I think I need to insert a poem here that I wrote for her birthday and had published in our local newspaper, many years ago.

The greatest gift since Salvation- FREE,

Is Harriet, the sweet wife God gave to me;

As a mother she’s nursemaid, cook and mechanic,

Referee, chauffer, counselor without panic.

She’s tender and kind, sweet and sincere,

I’m blessed above all to call her my dear.

Only God could make such a wonderful blend,

And best of all – she’s my dearest friend!

Thanks be to God! for to me you have given

This wonderful wife; she makes life more worth livin’.

Little did I realize then that my life would just get better and my Harriet would get sweeter and even more amazing!