Picture Posted

I didn’t have the nerve to post the picture of Harriet’s arm but I did send one to our children to show them what their Mother was enduring. And she posted the picture on her blog. If you’ve got the stomach for it, you can check it out at http://chameleon-kristie.blogspot.com/

I drove up to Camp Victory today and got our GRANDsons from their week there. It was a good week for them and they both enjoyed it greatly. They came home telling us all about the good missionary speaker, fun games, and that their cabin was selected Honor Cabin. They were mighty proud of that until I warned them that now their Mom will know that they actually can keep their room clean. Don’t know that they had thought of that and the ramifications of what will now be expected of them 🙂

Harriet stayed home and rested. She really wants to go to church tomorrow. One of the staff from Camp Victory will be speaking and we are looking forward to that!