Ragged Edge of Panic

Harriet is having real difficulty ‘bouncing back’ from the surgery. Her arm is very sore and she has battled nausea and chest pains again. Her blood pressure dropped to 61/39 at dialysis this morning but they were able to get it back up to 98/70. They don’t like to let her leave unless it is over 100 but with me driving her, they are willing to fudge a bit. I got her in the wheelchair and started for the car but her BP dropped again as I got her out there. I just made a U-turn and wheeled her right back in. The staff took one look at her hollered “get her on oxygen”. After a few minutes of that and a nitroglycerin tablet she was back up to trying the trip home again. She’s sleeping now and usually that helps her. I’ll get her up and fix her some lunch and trust that she’ll be feeling better by then. I jokingly told her that she enjoys keeping me on the ragged edge of panic :<)

I’m preaching at the 1st Baptist Church here tonight. What a blessed privilege!