Cardiologist Appointment . . .

Harriet had a rough time of it in the hospital and then recovering at home since then.  She had a pretty good night sleep Sunday and then I left at 5 AM for the funeral of my Uncle Keith, Mother’s brother in Columbus, GA with my sisters. Son-in-law Franz took Harriet to dialysis and then drove our GRANDsons on up to camp. Our Pastor’s wife brought Harriet home from dialysis and she ‘stayed put’ until I got home late in the afternoon.

We have an appointment with the cardiologist this afternoon for her annual checkup and to follow up on her most recent cardio tests.  I’m afraid that every time she has a setback with her health, her recovery is never 100%, she looses some ground each time.  But you wouldn’t believe her spirit and attitude.  I must confess, I’m not sure I could carry on if it weren’t for her “I think I feel better today” attitude.  And I know that I’m not man enough to endure the physical trials and difficulties she has faced!

She’s no saint –but she’s the nearest thing I’ll ever see in my lifetime!  She bears in her body the marks of many battles with the surgeons knives.  Someone said that “scars are just tattoos with a better story to tell”… well, Harriet has some permanent ‘tatoos’ with stories to tell.