From the hospital

Harriet was in surgery on Wednesday morning where the doctor was able to “repair” the access in her right forearm by splicing a new section of artificial vein beside the old one. He also removed the infected inch or so of the old implant. The surgery lasted just over an hour and the recovery was very difficult on her. But after another 2 hours she was able to be taken for a dialysis treatment here in the hospital. It was a long and difficult day but she once again demonstrated a confidence in our Lord and quiet faith in His goodness. She has been such a testimony to all her doctors, nurses and other caregivers. What a privilege for me to live with such a GOOD and Godly woman!

We will probably be in the hospital for another day or two. She is in a semi-private room but because of her history of MRSA infection, they blocked the other bed from another patient. The privacy has been so nice – besides giving me a place to get some sleep instead of a hospital chair. I can’t begin to enumerate the great demonstrations of God’s answers to prayer and the added tokens of His grace and mercy.

Praise our Lord with us!

July 12 Saturday morning

Harriet had a fairly good night. There is still a lot of pain in her arm and some drainage. We are awaiting the doctor to examine her again and send us home! But I sure do not want to take her out of here if there is any chance that she is not ready. I can cut her meat for her and comb her hair but that’s about the limit of my medical skills :{ But it would sure be nice if she is well enough to go home. “Be it ever so humble. . .” and you know the rest of that quote.