Harriet Going To Surgery

Harriet had developed an abscess on the implanted graft of her dialysis shunt. This became infected and they began strong IV antibiotics on Friday. On Friday evening it ruptured and she bled rather profusely before we could get a pressure bandage on it. We called the doctor who said we probably should go to the ER but since it was the evening of July 4th we would probably sit there most of the night. And since we had the bleeding stopped we could just watch it and make sure that it did not happen again. If this had happened in her sleep, there is a real and distinct possibility that she would bleed to death before we even realized it. Needless to say, neither of us has had much sleep since this first happened on Friday night.

We didn’t have any problem again until Sunday night when it ruptured again. We were able to get the bleeding stopped again and waited until we went for dialysis on Monday morning. The nurse at the clinic began trying to get an appointment with the surgeon to see us on Monday. We went home to wait and Harriet was able to get a good nap. About an hour after her nap, the access ruptured again.

This time we went to the hospital where our doctor met us and admitted her. The surgeon checked her today and scheduled surgery for tomorrow (Wednesday) morning to repair the implanted graft. She has spent most of the day sleeping.

We ask that you PRAY SPECIFICALLY for this. With a heart as limited as Harriet’s, there is always an elevated risk with general anesthesia. We look forward to having this episode behind us and the privilege of reporting to you that our Lord has once again shown His grace and mercy.