Married for 92 years!

Yep, we made another milestone today. 92 years of marriage. I wanted to get Harriet an appropriate anniversary card and found just the right one – a BIG THANK YOU card. When I told daughter Julieann about it, she said I really should have given her a trophy.

Dave Meyers and I were in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and someone directed us to a neighborhood gift shop which had a nice selection of greeting cards, like you’d find in any pharmacy here at home. The only problem was, we were NOT here at home and every card was written in Malaysian. When I tried to explain to the salesman what I wanted, without speaking Malaysian, he directed me to the section where I should look for a nice “I love you” card. How could I know that his grasp of English was as limited as my fluency in Malaysian? He smiled so nicely and seemed so helpful.

I should have known something was up when the girls at the cash register giggled and tried to tell me something –in Malaysian.

It was not until we got to the home of our host and I showed them the card that the truth began to unfold. They asked who directed me to this card? Did I know what it said? Maybe, the wife could go back to the shop and ask them to exchange it for me. She would help me find the right one. Then they confessed. The beautiful card I had selected was a SYMPATHY card.

After we had a good laugh, Dave and I discussed it and decided that was probably the most appropriate card I could get to thank Harriet for sticking with me so long!

Besides, Harriet couldn’t read Malaysian any better than I could so I could tell her anything I wanted to say:)

By the way – She’s been married 46 years and so have I.  That makes 92 years BUT IT IS NOT LONG ENOUGH!