Left Leaning Media Got Caught Again

And the national news media wonders why the thinking public has difficult believing what they report! I knew this kind of report would be coming along sooner or later so did not forward the original article when it first hit the press. The truth is there may not be too many “lost tribes” left in our shrinking world BUT there are still over 2,000 languages which do NOT HAVE the Wonderful Word of God in their language. They are totally isolated from any knowledge of our Savior. They can not break all of the 10 Commandments –they cannot take the name of the Lord in vain because they do not even know it.

By God’s grace, lets keep on keeping on to the day when ALL have heard!

Check out these two links:

The Not So Lost Tribe

For the confession as to why the reporters and photographer lied. Secrets of the ‘Lost’ Tribe that Wasn’t