Hot Dads in a Cool Economy

Just like the headlines in yesterday’s paper and last week’s and probably tomorrow’s, today’s newspaper as well as all the news on radio and TV cry out the plight of inflation, foreclosures on home mortgages, stock market losses, bloated fuel prices, increasing cost of almost all consumer goods . . . and the list of woes goes on. Our economy is in a downturn while the only thing going up besides prices and the rate of inflation is the number of unemployed and homeless.

Then I picked up the latest copy of the slick and classy publication of the “in crowd” in our area. Of course, it focused on the big June holiday- Father’s Day- with a featured section on the county’s “hottest men”. I was struck, NOT by who made the list nor the enlarged photos of the men but by the price tags. On every picture, in prominent display, was the description of what he was wearing, where it came from and the price he paid. “___ shirt or pants or shoes from ___” (I’ll leave out the names of the brands, the shops and the stores to protect the identities of those who prey on the socially insecure who feel the need to purchase their standing in their small and apparently insignificant little world. But I will cite a few examples of the prices:

  • T Shirts ranged from $48 to $65!

    “Casual” shirts $110 to $135!

    Jeans from $98 to $110!

    No Slacks under $115 or Shorts less than $70!

And I thought $29.95 was too much for a pair of Wrangler jeans when you can get them at Wal-Mart for less than $20! Guess it wouldn’t be “cool” to run in those circles with a sensibly priced shirt from Target or Beall’s Outlet.

When I showed them to my GRANDdaughter, she pointed out the good news in the story. After these are worn very few times by cool men in town, they will be available free to the homeless and indigent thru the Salvation Army. Or for purchase by the rest of us for $2.49 each thru our local Goodwill Industries thrift store.