Home again!

We got home from the hospital about noon and then went to dialysis at 2 PM at our clinic here on the beach. It has been a long day! Harriet still has some of the pain that started on Wednesday and sent us to the hospital but nothing as sever as then. We are so thankful that it is apparently not cardiac related. The doctors have changed some of her medications and scheduled her for a couple of more cardiac test to be done as an out-patient next week.

She is planning to “sleep all weekend” since I won’t be here to bother her. Dear friends from the church brought in food and my sister who lives just up the beach a couple of miles has made her a pork roast and will be coming to check on her.

Harriet pointed out that I will be bringing GRANDdaughter Jennifer home with me instead of daughter Kristie. That’s what I get for trying to update this blog so late at night after 2 days of sitting by a hospital bed! Shucks, I was glad to be able to remember my own name, though I’m not sure I could spell it correctly.