P. S. = Progress Suspended?

Harriet had a very long and tiring day in the hospital. Basically just waiting for a doctor to tell us what is going on. After ruling out that she was having a heart attack, her nephrologist referred her to the cardiologist for consultation. Due to a mix-up in the information exchange and complete breakdown in communication within the “infallible” medical world, we sat all day in a semi-private room with a semi-psychiatric patient in the other bed and a staff of very sweet and helpful nurses – and waited for further testing or discharge.

Neither had happened when I left the hospital at 9 PM. I just talked with Harriet (10:05) and the cardiologist had just left her. He agrees that the further test Harriet needs can be done as an out-patient next week and that she can be discharged tomorrow morning. The nursing staff assured us that at 7 AM tomorrow, we will be able to contact the nephrologist and get her discharged. We can have dialysis treatment at our home clinic out here close to home.

We are certainly thankful that Harriet has felt much better today and that this was not a heart attack. We are most desirous to know just what the problem is. The doctors seem to feel that it is a gastro-intestinal problem.

I am supposed to drive to Leesburg to preach on this Lord’s Day. Instead of Harriet and I driving down on Friday, I will now leave Harriet –IF she has no further problems- and drive down on Saturday and back on Sunday afternoon. I will bring our GRANDdaughter Kristie back with me so she can attend Camp Victory next week.

THANK YOU for praying!