Obama can’t remember?

So Obama can’t remember what his preacher has said for 20 years! We preachers have no problem believing that. I’m afraid most folks do not even remember what I preached this past Lord’s Day, much less a few years back.

Maybe that is why the email from Mike Klontz was such an encouragement to me this week. Here’s what he wrote:

Thanks for the regular updates!

I just thought of you last night when I read the article about smart animals on the news yesterday, and I HAD to scroll through it all to make sure that pigs were still there—hey, some of us still remember your message on them!

I can’t remember when Mike heard me preach about the SMARTEST ANIMALS IN THE BIBLE, but it is in that story in the “Case of Deviled Ham” from Mark 5. Must have been 20 years ago!

And I’m flattered. Guess you can conclude that either I’m a better preacher than the wrong Rev. Wright or Mike is a better listener than candidate Obama.