Hillary won’t quit – Neither will Donna!

What makes you think Hillary Clinton will quit the race for president?

I’m not a prophet, I’m not a political expert, I’m no forecaster, I am not even a Democrat and I am certainly not a supporter nor a fan of Hillary Clinton! But I will make a prediction: Hillary will not give up her candidacy.

IF she withdraws from this race before the dummycrats gather for their convention in Denver, it will only be a temporary suspension in her quest for the highest office in the free world. It will be no more than a transitory interruption to launch the next phase of her pursuit for the office. She will immediately begin working toward the 2012 nomination.

Hillary has been seriously running for the presidency since the day she and Bill left office!

For all else you can say about Hillary Clinton, she is focused and she is tenacious. And quit just does not seem to be in her vocabulary nor in her temperament.

I wish that could be said of all those who have put their hand to the plough of serving our Lord! Think of how few churches would be without a pastor today if no preacher had gotten so discouraged in the ministry and started selling insurance or automobiles! Think of how crowded our local church would be if all those who got mad with the preacher or who didn’t like the music or who disagreed with “those ole’ deacons” or ____, well, you fill in the blank. But what if they all came back Sunday morning! Where would we seat them?

How many more tribes would be worshiping our Lord today if no tribal missionary had ever given up and gone home? How many more languages would have the Scriptures in their own language if no translator had ever grown weary of well doing and quit?

I was praying for Donna Kirby this morning. I don’t know exactly where she is but our Lord does. I know where she could be. She could be “home” in Fayetteville, GA. That is where any retired missionary has a right to be. After serving over 40 years in China, she deserves to sleep late in her own bed in suburban America. But not Donna. She’s back in China “volunteering” in the work of our Lord. Apparently Miss Sampey forgot to teach Donna the meaning of “quit” when we were in freshmen English together back in the mountains of north Georgia.

But someone did teach Donna the meaning of tenacity, of faithfulness, of dependability. Donna is a worthy example of steadfast dedication and devotion to our Lord.

And obviously, there is no quit in that dear little lady!