Preaching Sunday

The blessed privilege of preaching God’s wonderful Word! Dick Sanford used to remind us Representatives that anytime a pastor gave up the awesome privilege of preaching to his people and allowed us to do it – was a miracle! I agree. And I thank God for every precious opportunity. It is not one to be taken lightly but with awe, reverence and great thanksgiving.

I think I’ll be preaching this Lord’s Day from Luke 1 on Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist. How would you like to be struck dumb every time you doubted the Word of God? I confess, many times I would have been silenced –but for the grace of God.

Of course, if I don’t get to Luke 1, it won’t be the first time that our Lord has changed my message before I got to preach it. We’ll just have to see what He does this time.